VDSS is a Recording Studio based in Ceprano (FR, Italy). We mainly work with underground and indie bands (rock and roll, garage, post-punk, math-rock, psych, noise, experimental, etc.). We provide a lot of High-End Analog Gear and the highest Digital Technology in order to give to our clients/friends the best result with the less effort.

The Studio is situated between mountains and woods in a beautiful natural and inspiring environment. We seriously believe that for a great Recording Studio, giving the best quality is not enough: we work a lot on building a good human relationship with musicians, helping them feeling comfortable with our place, because being comfortable means a better performance.

We provide a great choice of instruments and rooms with different reverberations. Having a 48 channel system and an incredible choice of microphones and preamps, we have the possibility to track the entire band live with the maximum quality, getting that sense of realism that just a good live recording can do.